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You will not participate in this call, however if it is recorded, you will be able to listen after it is completed.
Click the + button above to partcipate.
Detect Voicemail
Select a optional pre-recorded prank from the browse section.
Prank Call
Spoof Call
Group Call


+ What is GenieCalls?
GenieCalls is a prank calling service.
You can come up with a variety of prank calls:

-Use effects from soundboards during your call
-Choose from a library of prerecorded pranks with smart voice recognition
-Have multiple victims call each other cluelessly and listen in!
+ How do I create a call?
First click on the button located on the top center of the screen. The call planner dialog will open allowing you to plan your call. You can choose from the presets (spoof, prank, group) or create a custom call. Once you are done click on the button to start your call! Click on the buttons in the call planner for tips.
+ How many free calls can I make a day?
GenieCalls grants a number of free credits per day. Free credits are reset every three days and have limitations.
+ Why are my free credits being taken when I have not used them?
It may be possible that someone on your network (like your household or workplace) already used them up.
+ When are my credits deducted?
Credits are deducted when a call completes. Calls that are not answered or calls that last with a duration less than 10 seconds are not counted and credits will not be deducted for those calls. Calls that go to voicemail may still be counted if the duration lasts longer than 10 seconds.
+ How do I get more credits?
After registering an account you will be presented with options to purchase credits.
+ Are there limitation when free credits are used?
Yes. Free credits cannot be used for calls made during late hours. There is also a max duration of five minutes per call.
+ What happens when I set my call to public?
When your call is set to public it will appear in the call section for everyone to listen to and like as long as it was recorded. The phone numbers that you used will not be exposed to anyone except for yourself. Calls that have a duration less than one minute will not be made public even if the public option was set to on.
+ Why are some of my calls not recorded?
Calls that are not answered or have a duration less than 10 seconds are not recorded even if the record option is set to on.
+ Are there limits on how many times I can prank a person?
Yes. Repeated calls to the same phone number will be blocked for a temporary amount of time.
+ What do I do if I feel that I am being harassed by someone using your service?
You can block your number from being called by adding your number to our do not call list.
+ How do I remove my number form the do not call list?
You must contact us to have you number removed.